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About COMIT Corporation

COMIT Corporation was incorporated in Vietnam in 2003, based on the Representative office of Acterna (Acterna now is VIAVI Solutions - The World's largest manufacturer in Communications Test & Measurement). Since its establishment, COMIT has gradually become a leading regional provider with services and solutions including Test & Measurement, RAN Planning & Optimization, BSS/OSS support systems in Communications. With more than 250 enthusiastic and creative employees, inspired by an experienced management team and subsidiaries in 03 countries (Vietnam, Myanmar, Philippines), COMIT is providing the most suitable services and solutions to clients around the globe, from Southeast Asia to Africa. Continuing its mission of providing innovative solutions to customers across industries, COMIT expands the portfolio of solutions into new areas, including Test & Measurement, Smart Factory in Manufacturing; Perimeter Security, Network Security, Video Security & Surveillance with AI... With a professional business model and a customer-centric culture, COMIT commits to increasing the value for our customers, shareholders and offer promising opportunities to our employees.

To capture the trend of and the combination of technologies of 4.0 industrial revolution, we are working hard to research and bring to customers advanced and innovative solutions, for a secure and connected world. COMIT is your partner to success. We are not only a supplier, but also a partner to help our customers increase profits in an increasingly challenging business world.

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COMIT Vision & Mission

Vision: “To become the leading regional provider of innovative solutions for a secure & connected world, with the team of enthusiastic, talented people and devotion to customers.”

Mission: “We want to increases the value for our customers,  shareholders and offer promising opportunities to our employees by providing innovative solutions for a secure & connected world.”

Sustainability and Corporate responsibility

According to a World Bank report, Vietnam is one of the six countries in the world most heavily affected by climate change. Facing threats posed by climate change, at the global climate change conference COP26, Vietnam pledged to reduce net emissions to "zero" by 2050, while reducing metal emissions by 30% by 2030... To fulfill these commitments, one of the goals set by Vietnam in COP27 is to be a pioneer in energy transition, along with green transformation and digital transformation.

As one of the partners of global leading corporations such as VIAVI, Ericsson, Huawei, ZTE... and understanding the importance of environmental protection against the current threatening climate change, COMIT is not an exception of the trend, actively accompanying the government, localities and partners in implementing action programs to fulfill the commitment to reduce net emissions to "zero", contributing to a reduction of 300 million tons CO2 emissions throughout its value chain by 2050.

We hope that by implementing the action plan below, along with many other actions at all units of COMIT Corporation, in all countries where COMIT does business, we will make a positive contribution in the protection of the environment, the health of the people and the sustainable development of the country, where COMIT is present.







Action Plan


Tracking Indicator


1. Emission from Office Reduce 5% of emission until 2025

- Introduce the saving policies of electrical, office stationeries to all employes, especially to new staffs by sending email and emloyees handbook.

- Supervise regularly the saving policy implementation and ecourage staffs to follow up the policy. Send email quarterly to remind.

- Change current incandescent bulbs to led bulbs

- Divide the lighting system in the office into functional blocks so that it can be turned on/off the switches according to demand.

- Reduce paper use

- Set up a new work flow and new procedures to help staffs work from home. Assign employees to work from home in rotation, depending on job positions

- Put warning signs at the door of all the room to remind people to check and to turn off all electrical devices before leaving the room”.

- Notice to employees not to let the air conditioner temperature below 25 Celsius degrees

- Encourage the staffs to support and remind each other in saving policy implementation

- All new employees are trained to understand of the purpose of saving policy and follow the policy.

- 100% office lights are led

- All processes can be approved and performed by email and/or on the work management solution like Bitrix, zoho … ; Limit printing the hard copies with the documents that can be read and process by soft copies

- Reuse 1-sided printed paper

- 100% staffs can work from home in rotation, depends on positions

2. Emission from Transportation and Travelling Reduce 5% emission related to transportation and travelling

- Encourage staffs to use electrical vehicles or public transportation

- Prefer use the suppliers who provide eco-friendly products 

- Increase transportation volume through the mode of road/rail or sea freight

- Depend on the importance of the meeting to choose the form of online meeting or face-to-face meeting

- Research and use the taxi and motobike services using electric vehicle such as GSM taxi (Just launched on April 2023)... 

- Classify the goods that can be shifted by road/ rail or sea freight instead of air freight 

- Set meeting rules, inform, and supervise staffs to follow the rules

3. Emission from Garbage All wastes are sorted

- Sort garbage and put different recycle bins for each of waste: Organic, recycled plastic bottles

- 100% wastes are sorted

COMIT Corporation: Our History Timeline

  •      2018     
    COMIT Corporation started to do Research and Development in IoT and AI, specializing in Smart Factory
  •      2016     
    COMIT Corporation started to be in Philippines.
  •      2014     
    COMIT Telecom Myanmar Co., Ltd. was established to provide telecom engineering services in Myanmar.
  •      2013     
    COMIT Representative Office in Myanmar was established to promote COMIT’s telecom solutions and engineering services in Myanmar.
  •      2011     
    It was the first time COMIT implemented telecom engineering services in overseas market: RAN optimization services in Cambodia.
  •      2009     
    It was the first time COMIT sold its telecom solutions to overseas market: Base Station Analyzers to Laos.
  •      2007     
    COMIT Telecom Services Corporation was established to provide telecom engineering services and rapidly became the leader in test and optimization services in Vietnam.
  •      2005     
    Acterna was acquired by JDSU. Besides JDSU’s test & measurement equipment, COMIT extended its business to provide other telecom solutions such as optical and microwave transports, synchronous subsystems, etc.
  •      2003     
    COMIT Corporation was established on the strengths of Acterna Rep Office in Vietnam.
  •      2000     
    WWG merged with TTC, founded Acterna, an US company and the No.1 telecom test & measurement manufacturer in the world.
  •      1999     
    Wavetek Wandel & Goltermann (WWG), a German company and the world’s second largest manufacturer in telecom test & measurement (T&M) equipment, opened Vietnam Representative Office.