Product Support

 •    Extended Warranty:

Once your warranty-expired products are under damage or a costly product needs to repair, the expenses related to repairs can be a big cost. An extended warranty provides not only prolonged warranty that is beyond the standard warranty but also helps eliminate unexpected expenses associated with repair.       

•    Repair:

COMIT offers repair service for all COMIT-provided instruments. The instruments will be conducted repairs and taken care quickly and by skilled experts of either our repair center in Vietnam or service centers all over the world.

•    Calibration: 

    - Factory-calibration: COMIT offers a return-to-factory calibration services which ensure that your instruments experienced a calibration that meets your schedule. Setting up a Calibration Plan Manager allows for discounts and logistical assistance. Calibration should be performed at the specified intervals to ensure that the instrument is operating at factory specifications.

     - On-site calibration: The On-site Service delivers the convenience of a highly skilled technician deployed directly to a customer location to perform services that improve your equipment or ensure its optimal functionality. The On-site Service offering eliminates extensive shipping and insurance charges that accumulate from sending out equipment for routine maintenance. Combine this benefit with minimizing downtime and the result is an immediate return on investment. COMIT will advise you when service is due help manage the service requirement for your equipment. To minimize disruptions in work flow, you can plan a head to calibrate your fleet of field test equipment simultaneously with the scheduled maintenance of your systems provided by COMIT.

     As advanced network technology (cable, TELCO, and fiber) continues to advance with the proliferation of next-generation triple-play services, the demand steadily increases for new testing requirements. We are ideally positioned to help you stay on track with your calibration requirements and can inform you of the latest options for your equipment. For faulty or damaged equipment, COMIT can arrange for shipment directly back to the factory for expedited repair.


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