COMIT Culture's Fundamentals






- Flat administration model with less levels of organizational structure 

- Leadership style: Empowerment & Supportive 

- Miller-Heiman’s sales processes














International Working Environment

* Use of English
   - Working with foreign partners & customers
   - Internal plans/reports/emails
   - English Speaking Friday

* Internet access for employees

* Overseas trips for employees

* Foreigners working in COMIT

COMIT employees in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).


Working with Astellia (France) in COMIT, 1/2007.












Recognition for Contribution



Training for Development 


Yearly Internal Trainings

- Conceptual Selling
- Sales Basics
- Strategic Selling
- Build & Maintain Customer Relationship
- Strategic Marketing
- Personal Communication Skills
- Presentation Skills
- Negotiation Skills
- Time Management Skills
- Decision Making Skills
- Management & Leadership Skills


Outside Trainings

- Mini-MBA (HSB)
- Other soft skills (Unicom)
- Overseas factory trainings

Van Son & Minh Khiem at JDSU training (Bejing, 5/2009).





Personal Communication Skills (Tay Ho Villa, 2/2009).


Anh Tuan in Fujikura training trip (Tokyo, 8/2009).





Developing Future Leaders 


Mini-MBA program for future leaders of COMIT in Hanoi School of Business (Aug-Sep/2007).



Program “Development of Leadership Skills” for future leaders of COMIT (Tay Ho Villa, 10/2009).


Passion for Innovation

EMF Measurement Software for controlling Willtek 9102 EMF   (Nov 2007)

Integrated Voice Quality Analyzer solution (Oct 2011)


Creative & Burnt in Entertainment

Game “Save Ladies” (Sapa, 4/2008).

COMIT women advantured with Banana Boat (Bai Tu Long Bay, 8/2009).





Songs Compose Camp (Tam Dao, 11/2009).

COMIT in the game "Catch ballons on decorated chair" (Cua Lo, 2011)

Masking in Vietnam Women Day (Hanoi, 10/2008).

Drama “Little Girl Wearing Red Scarf” (Nui Coc Lake, 4/2009).


Family of Families

In the game “Save Ladies”(Sapa, 4/2008).


In Awarding Ceremony (Fortuna Hotel, 1/2009).






Mid-autum event for COMIT children (Ciputra,Hanoi).


Visited Van Hao’s family on New Year Holidays in Nam Dinh province).

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